EDINA is no longer maintaining or supporting the Fieldtrip GB app, which has now been withdrawn from the App Store and Google Play. To develop your own data collection app, please refer to Fieldtrip Open:


On this page you will find some helpful tips and hints that will get you out and using Fieldtrip GB quickly. Click the questions below to find out more.

What devices can the app run on?
Where can I get the app?
How much does the app cost?
What is the difference between the free and the premium model version?
How much data can I download?
Is a version planned specifically for Education (Digimap)?
What are the maps like?
Can you download maps for offline use?
What is data capture?
What are custom forms?
Why does the app want to access my Cloud/DropBox account?
How can I export my data?
Why Fieldtrip GB and not Fieldtrip UK? Are other parts of world going to be included?

What devices can the app run on?
FieldTrip GB runs on recent versions of iOS and Android. We have only been able to test on a limited number of devices and OS versions so strongly recommend users check the list of tested devices and try out the App using the free version first before purchasing the premium version.

Where can i get the app?
You can download the app from the iStore and the Play store

How much does the app cost?
The basic app is free. This will allow you to view maps both on and offline, capture simple data and export your data for use in a GIS / CAD or Google Earth.

We are planning a premium version of the Authoring Platform but this is not ready for release yet.

How much data can I download?

The free app allows you to download 3×15 MB (estimated) saved maps which we think will cover 50 Km area. If you use the map downloaded to exclude highest zoom levels you will be able to capture a larger area but have less detailed maps available when offline.

Is a version planned specifically for Education (Digimap)?
Yes, there is a plan to release a version specifically for Digimap users in Higher and Further Education in the UK. This will include all premium features and some access to licensed data sets. There are some technical and legal issues to overcome though so we will keep you posted on progress. In the meantime, let us know what you’d like to do with a Digimap version of Fieldtrip GB.

What maps can you access through the app?
We have spent a lot of time trying to ensure that the cartography offered through Fieldtrip GB is useful to users in both urban and rural environments. The free version of the app makes use of open data from the Ordnance Survey (OS) and OpenStreetMap (OSM). Data has been merged to create custom map layers. In rural areas, users will see VectorMap District and OS Strategi data with contour lines from OS LANDFORM PANORAMA and path networks from OSM. In larger urban areas users will also see OS Street View maps.

Can I view maps offline?
Yes. Fieldtrip GB allows users to download maps to their devices so that they can be used when network signals are weak or not present. This allows the app to be used in the most rural of locations and means that it need not eat into users’ data allowance.

What is data capture?
Data capture is the term we use to describe making notes in the field. A capture may be as simple as a text note that describes a location. The GPS coordinates will be taken from the GPS and added to the note so that it can be accurately placed on a map. You can also add photographs and audio recordings to a point. Fieldtrip GB will allow users to record tracklogs (GPS trails) through the GPS. This can reveal the routes taken during a study and notes/images/audio can be attached as “waypoints” on the route.

What are custom forms?
Custom forms are forms which you can design to capture specific data. Custom forms are created through the Web Authoring tool on your desktop or laptop. Forms are then deployed to the device through your cloud storage area.
The advantage of using custom forms is that it allows you to define exactly what you want to collect and data is collected in a consistent manner throughout a field exercise. This is good data management.
Custom form function:

  • Title
  • Free Text
  • Radio Buttons
  • Numerical sliders
  • Multi-select drop downs
  • Media capture (images/audio)

In all cases, you can make an element mandatory ensuring that users capture specific information.

Why does the app want to access my Dropbox / Cloud based storage?
The app will ask to access your cloud based storage, such as Dropbox, to deploy Custom forms developed through the web authoring tool and to backup and share data records you create.
If you don’t want to use a custom forms, share or backup records then there is no need to log into a cloud provider. When you log in and enter your password you are communicating directly with your cloud provider (e.g Dropbox), not EDINA. Your provider will ask for your permission for the Fieldtrip GB app to access the app folder on your Dropbox account. It will then create a sandboxed folder under “Apps” in your Dropbox account.

How can I export the data I have collected?
You can export records by using the Sync function. This will upload the records to your cloud storage area. You can choose to simply access them from there or through the Web Authoring tool. The advantage of the web authoring tool is that it will allow you to visualise and edit your data very easily. The web authoring tool also allows users to export the data to useful formats including kml, csv and (geo).json

Why Fieldtrip GB and not Fieldtrip UK?
The data we had available to create maps for this service only covers Great Britain and unfortunately does not currently include Northern Ireland or other areas in UK. We plan in future to enable the Author Tool to customise the app to include other map layers of the users’ choosing. We are also considering other places popular for Fieldtrip exercises such as Iceland and Cyprus. Let us know where you’d like to see a version of Fieldtrip GB.