7. Syncing your device

EDINA is no longer maintaining or supporting the Fieldtrip GB app, which has now been withdrawn from the App Store and Google Play. To develop your own data collection app, please refer to Fieldtrip Open:


Sync’ing is the term Fieldtrip GB uses to describe the process of ensuring data and capture forms are consistent on your device and your Cloud storage area.

Why and when would I Sync?
There are a couple of reasons that you would want to perform a sync such as:

  • to deploy a custom data capture form to your mobile
  • to upload data captured on the device
  • to refresh a device with data that you have already captured that you wish to review in the field

How do I Sync?

Syncing is quite straight forward.  The first thing you need to do is to log-in to your cloud storage area through the app. Fieldtrip GB will ask you to confirm that you want to open a connection to your cloud storage provider, please allow this. Once logged in, you should notice a “sync” button appears in the download and Sync area. Tap this and your device will begin syncing

Note: Sync’ing may take some time, especially across a 3G network. The app will display a “loading” symbol while syncing is running. Please be patient and, if possible, sync while connected to a WiFi network.